La echo muchísimo de menos. Me duele tanto que ya no puedo aguantar más el dolor de haber dejado a esa ciudad tan preciosa y a la gente que vive allí… se me ha estropeado la corazon por echarla tanto de menos.

playing games with the new friends that we met in our hotel

take it all in… see the boats hanging from the ceiling? 

I had no idea that Marseille was going to have such a strong sailor’s culture, although i should have known, but it’s incredibly inspirational, and it puts all sorts of fantastic ideas in my head…

The other day, Elyse and I took the ferry over to the island, If, where lies Chateau D’If from the Count of Monte Cristo. It was fun to listen to a french tour guide commentate for an hour, in French, everything about the islands history and the connection with the fictitious novel (and he definitely thought we understood him, until later on he spoke to us in French and Elyse didn’t understand, and I started talking in Spanish, and then French… and then he knew). Turns out, some of the book is pretty ridiculous in comparison with reality, but the people love it… so, read on!

I’ve come to the right country. I’m finding it fairly easy to blend in, as long as I don’t open my mouth. It’s nice when a real french person asks you for directions, and even if they don’t think I’m French, they at least think I’m Spanish for speaking in Spanish all the time. So, I blend in pretty well, before speaking my Spanish or my jumbled-up French. Either way, I’ve got the stripes thing down without a hitch.

Last night in Seville as a Acento de Trinity Semester In Spain student. Tomorrow morning I’ll see my roommates off on their way home. ¿Dónde se ha ido el semestre para el que había trabajado tanto?


Today Carmen told me something that made my day:


Yesterday, Spain passed a law that allows anyone who so desires to acquire Spanish citizenship with the purchase of a house of 160,000€ or more.

(it’s too bad that the people who are taking the most advantage of this opportunity right now are Russian mob lords and the chinese…)


Also, Mercedes & I thought of the perfect business opportunity that would give me an easy way back in to Spain so I can start making some euros to buy my new house, and my citizenship.

And so began our island adventure, with a quick decision… And many more after that. A week of improvisation does the soul good.

I saw Justin Vernon and all of Bon Iver, in person, in Madrid, in Spain, in my lifetime. For the first time. It was absolutely lo máximo, the best concert I’ve ever witnessed. I don’t believe I’ll ever go to a better concert, unless I get the chance to see Bon Iver again in another foreign country. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was so surreal. It was beautiful, creative, passionate, powerful, and so so so inspiring. I didn’t think I could respect Justin Vernon any more as a musician, but it happened, and I’m getting all tumultuous inside just thinking about it…